Is a co-owner of the publish house, Norna House of Communication. Now she gathers 40 years of experience as a business leader, project manager, travelling the world as a photographer and journalist and author. with the world as a field of work under one roof. – Norna House of communication.

Most people can name a time when a meeting changed their lives. A writer, a book, lyrics or a poem that aroused longing. A person who said exactly the right thing at the right time, a teacher or fellow human being who really cared, asked questions and listened – without judging. 
Small, with blond hair that spreads in all directions. Sitting on the horse lurching the usual way to school. Day in and day out with his face facing the sky. Living in a tiny town in the USA. But in his imagination, he is sitting in a spaceship on its way to the stars.  

The boy grew up to be the astronaut Loren Acton, who in 1985 participated in the Challengers 8 crew on a journey into space. I met him together with my junior reporter in 1999, for an interview. My meeting with Loren changed me. I decided that one day I will realize My dream. I will not only publish an “Inflight” magazine for children and young people and travel the world as a photographer and journalist. I will build a large media company where the goal and purpose are to create meaningful meetings, inspire and educate to awaken the consciousnesses.

Meetings, that make people look at themselves and their surroundings in a new light and trough different eyes. Meetings that inspire and show that anything is possible. If you make up your mind to do it. Like Loren did. He made sure his dream came.

Now, 20 years later, I have done just that; Created Norna, a media and publishing company that is organically formed together with our writers, filmmakers and photographers. Through books, films, events, lectures, digital platforms – everything that can be filled with meaningful content – so that it feels deep and opens up for thoughts and reflection.   

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 Anette Tamm