New Releases

I AM Elisa
av Elisa Namaste & Anette Tamm

Why are the pyramids here? Is it possible to communicate with stones, water and trees? Follow us on a journey trough the valley of pyramids in Bosnia. A lifechanging experience – if you are ready to challenge everything you thought you knew.

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LIFE through different eyes
av Anette Tamm

This book is a gift to every single one of you, for oneness and for future generations who are waiting to continue the work you have started. Know this. Nothing will be the same again. If you dare to see LIFE through our eyes, you will change. 

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Published Books

ODINS GIFT by Anette Tamm

Different indigenous peoples and the Vikings. What do they really have in common? A lot, it would turn out.

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Translation to English coming 2021

THE VIKINGS, home & hearth by Anette Tamm

Would you like to challenge your children to a ancient pentathlon? Together learn how to make your very own bow, or perhaps make ceramics?

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VÅRA BERÄTTELSER, Trilogi by Anna Berg 

”Våra berättelser, Trilogi” is a new publication and has been supplemented with several new chapters. A powerful book filled with Feeling, Power and Truth!

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Translation to English coming 2021

Swedish Only


Gårdstomten, who protects our houses and homes, is brought to life here through an expanded edition of Ebbe Schön’s ”Vår svenske tomte.”

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EN VÄRLD AV ÄNGLAR, meditationer och ljusarbete
av Ann Gripenlöf

This book is written through angels to help people in this new age we are facing. It’s about how angels can help us feel good in the shift between the old and the new. And how you can spread your light to others.

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