LIFE trough different eyes

28 different animals channeled trough Anette tamm.

Coming 2021 Spring

From the authors
This book is a gift to every single one of you, for oneness and for future generations who are waiting to continue the work you have started. Know this.
Nothing will be the same again. If you dare to see LIFE through our eyes, you will change. And this is a promise.
All of you will be back to see the dream of a world in harmony come true, Gaia, travelling through space and time, singing in joy.

The magic of life is how life forms itself through pure will and intention. You make it difficult, human.
But if you see through our eyes you will see that there are no obstacles between you and magic. Make a wish. It will simply form itself in your mind.
Every wish is like a seed, planted in trust of what will be. It will grow slowly when urtured and then open up.
It is beauty in every single moment of time.

No matter where or at what point in your life you are, there is always time to harvest every single moment that has been given to you in this lifetime.

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Introduction- my own experience.
LIFE through different eyes, the work.
The Akashic Records, my way.
1. Oneness, compassion.
2. Bear. To stand strong in self.
3. Wolf. Self and responsibility.
4. Puma, Independence, freedom and autonomy.
5. Birds, the melody of life.
6. Dolphin, joy and play.
7. Bumblebee, trust.
8. I am turtle. Origin, cradle of birth.
9. I am RAVEN, winged with magic.
10. Whale, all seeing eye.
11. Eagle, experience and growth.
12. I am lizard. Vision and imagination.
13. I am lion. I share with you with courage and strength.
14. Butterfly, transformation of self, purpose.
15. Spider, the grid.
16. Rabbit, potential and belief.
17. The moose, to be content in the moment.
18. Crocodile, balance and adaptation.
19. Horse, true leadership and respect of self and others.
20. The elephant in the room, to trust yourself.

21. Hawk, perspective and guilt.
22. Gift from squirrel. Limitations, to believe.
23. Snake, to unite, sexuality.
24. I am fox, camouflage, invisibility, to hide who you truly are.
25. Dove, balance and love.
26. Owl, Wisdom within
27. Dragonfly. Power and transformation.
28. Ant. Collaboration-
29. I AM WOLF, and I wish to speak again.